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Experts at IBerryCare resolve the issues with your laptop for free. You don’t need to pay if you didn’t get the issue solved. Repair any of your broken Laptop and fix it from one of the best companies. In fact, we offer same-day computer repair in 95% of situations and with reasonable price. Moreover, we provide free pickup and delivery at your footstep. We don’t ask for any additional callout charges.
Our Services
1. Screen Repair / Replacement – SMASHED, CRACKED OR DAMAGED SCREEN can make a laptop unusable and make you suffer from work. We fix all major brands Laptop Screen and providing one year Warranty on the Screen. Apart from fixing the laptop screen, we fix Front Glass, Touch Screen, and LCD the same day and deliver back in a new condition.

2. Battery Repair / Replacement – If your laptop battery fails or no longer holds a sufficient charge, then it is the right time to replace the battery. We are so confident about the quality of the Laptop Battery that we provide to the customer with a warranty. Within same day fix and delivery back to you in a unique condition.

3. Keyboard Repair / Replacement – If your laptop keys get stuck or not responding or keyboard not working due to physical or liquid damage. IBerryCare professionals are available in Dubai to fix your keyboard issue in the very first call.

4. RAM Upgrade/ Hard Disk Upgrade – If you are thinking to upgrade the speed or need memory upgrades for your laptop, we will provide the best solution at the reasonable price.


5. Liquid Damage – A water spill, soft drinks or alcohol can seriously mess up a laptop and can do much worse. Work quickly and turn it off, unplug external devices and use a lint-free paper towel or material to wipe up excess liquid, at last, remove the battery and tilt the laptop.

6. Backup or Data Recovery – We will help you to recover your data and backup of files. We understand how important is the data for the customers and we recover data from any type of loss.



  • Quality repair services with professional technicians.
  • All major issues of laptop brands are 95% solved and fixed
  • All out laptop repairs include a 12-month guarantee covering the repaired fault.
  • Free pickup and delivery to your footstep in Dubai
  • Same day solution of issues
  • Quick service with the best price
  • Most trusted technical team, safe and Confidential Data will maintain.

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