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Welcome to iBerryCare, your go-to platform for smartphone, tablets and laptop repair services. Based in Dubai, UAE, our team of passionate and well-qualified technicians at iBerryCare wants to revolutionise the Apple iPhone Repair and Apple iPad Repair Industry by making the repairs service process as smooth as buying a new mobile. Our repair technicians undergo extensive training and certification to ensure that they deliver the best service to you. 

Needing a device repair can be stressful, but you can trust us to handle your repair safely and carefully. We ensure to repair your smartphones, laptops and tablets right in front of you so that your data safety is not compromised. The device repair for Apple iPad Repair and other devices is done at a convenient time to save your travelling time and cost. We believe in providing the best quality repair service, and so we offer a 30-day risk, free money-back guarantee. 

iBerry Care is a No. 1 device (smartphone, laptop and tablet) repair centre based in Dubai, UAE. Our quick repair service center specialises in Apple iPhone Repair, Apple iPad Repair, iPhone Screen Repair, and fixes tablets. All our device repairs are conducted by highly trained technicians with excellent background knowledge and experience in this field amounting to over five years. Our gadget repair professionals will keep you updated about every step of the way so that you always know what's happening with your device.

We understand that your devices, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops are essential in every aspect of your life- be it work or play. So, we focus on enhancing and sustaining your increasingly vital connected lifestyle. We offer the best and most efficient repair services, including the Apple iPad Repair, Apple iPhone Repair for all our clients. At iBerryCare, we offer all out clients Free Pickup and Delivery, Lifetime Warranty, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all your repairs. No matter what your device problem is, you can call us anytime to repair anything. 

We are in this business for a couple of years. We have gained a considerable number of happy customers by focusing on providing them with quality services at the most affordable prices. Some of our device repair services include Apple iPhone repair, Apple iPad repair, Samsung repair, MacBook repair, Blackberry repair and laptop repair. Our technicians are always focusing on learning new technologies and modern innovations to maintain providing top quality services to our customers in Dubai. 

We ensure that proper care is taken so that your precious smartphone or laptop gets the quality repair service. We help to replace the faulty batteries and broken screen, provide water damage repair, and more. In the end, all we would say that at iBerry Care, we understand all your needs- be it Apple iPad Repair or Apple iPhone Repair. We offer free pick-up and delivery services because we understand the fact that you have busy schedules. Our easily accessible repair service is also one of the primary reasons why our customers love to seek our device repair services. All in all, you can surely consider us as the best phone repair service center in Dubai.

How Do We work?

To book an appointment for a prompt repair service, register by filling up the Contact Form on our site, and we will get in touch with you!

1. Fill in the Contact Form

Tell us about your smart device’s problems. Fill in your contact details on the online form. 

2. We'll Get Back To You

Relax, our technicians will contact you at your desired location without delay. 

3. Perform Quick Diagnosis 

We’ll run a diagnose your device and report its condition and estimate its repair cost and turnaround time.

4. Get Quick Quality Repairs

Subject to your device’s condition, we'll provide quality repair services at your doorstep on the same day or the earliest day possible. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Refund

We're so convinced that you'll love our friendly and quick device repair services. If for any reason, you are not entirely delighted with our device repair, we're willing to offer a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee. In case you are not thoroughly pleased with our repair services, you can return your device to us within 30 days of receipt. Our team of repair technicians will reassess your device. If even after this process you are still not 100% happy then you may request a refund. We can honour that with a 100% refund.

Why Choose Iberry Care?

iBerry Care believes in offering excellent customer services. We specialise in Apple iPhone Repair & Apple iPad Repair and is one of the leading phones repair service centers in Dubai, UAE. Our team of well-qualified and experienced technicians can fix just about any damage to your device, including water damage repair, iPhone screen repair, battery problem, and more. We provide professional services for your Apple iPhone Repair, Apple iPad Repair, MacBook Repair, Samsung Repair and Blackberry Repair. By availing our repair services from well-qualified and experienced professionals, you can stay assured that your device is in safe hands. Our 50,000+ satisfied customers keep coming back as they are impressed with our high-quality services at reasonable prices for their iPhone and iPad repairs. 

We have built our business on the foundation of trust and customer satisfaction. We use 100% OEM parts and performs quality checks to ensure that the functionality of the devices has been restored to its potential before handing them back to our customers. We offer free pick-up and delivery services within Dubai, and there is a Lifetime warranty for most of our services. 

At iBerry Care, we make it our business to be straight with our customers. Sometimes we know that certain device problems can be fixed, but we don’t know precisely how. When this happens, we don’t try to baffle you with jargon, instead explain the problem, leave, research the issue, and until we find a fix, you won’t have to pay our fee. So, if we are unable to provide Apple iPad Repair & Apple iPhone Repair, or cannot resolve or diagnose the problem, we’ll not charge for services. However, if a problem has been diagnosed, and an estimate has been provided. But you don’t choose to proceed then you’ll be charged a nominal fee for the time spent by our technicians to troubleshoot your device problem.

OEM Parts

We assure our customers for Genuine Parts by using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts at a reasonable cost in comparison to other repair service providers in Dubai.

Life Time Warranty

At iBerry Care, as a mandatory all parts being used for repair are genuine and quality checked before installation. So, we provide a lifetime warranty on the parts and repair services.

Well Qualified Technicians

Our well-qualified and experienced team of technicians repair your devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops at your preferred location.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced that you’ll love our quick and quality device repair services. However, if you are not satisfied with our repair services, we’re willing to offer a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

24/7 Customer Service

At iBerry Care, we understand that time is money and provide 24/7 customer service. We ensure to deliver quick turnaround services while maintaining top-notch quality of device repair services.

Free Pick Up and Delivery

No time to drop is your device? Don’t worry; we value your time. iBerry Care provides free pick-up and delivery service at your doorstep.

What Do We Fix?

Phones & Tablet Repairs

  • Battery Drainage
  • Screen Damage
  • Microphone/Speaker Problem
  • Liquid Damage
  • Camera Crack
  • Body Repair
  • Software Problems

Laptop Repairs

  • Battery Replacement
  • Screen Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Keyboard Problem
  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Software Problems

What Do People Say About Us?

"I would highly recommend your services of Apple iPhone Repair and transfer the data from a totally smashed one to another device. Your phone repair center is genuinely one of the best alternative way to repair your phone where Apple makes you pay a cosmic price. The tech guy did it without asking any questions. He knew exactly what I needed! Very professional and experienced techs. Highly satisfied with their services. Thank You!"

Mr Azmat Jamil

"iBerry Care repaired the broken screen of my laptop in less than an hour! They have been truly professional and provided a pretty excellent and quick service."

Miss. Nalini Jayawardena

What Do People Say About Us?

At iBerry Care, we offer an extensive range of repair services for the following electronic devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops.
At iBerry Care, we take pride to provide our customers with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts only when fixing their device(s).
Glad you have asked. We do offer a lifetime warranty for most of our services. Additionally, we also offer a free pick-up and delivery when you choose to repair your device(s) with us.
Fill in the details of the form given here, and we’ll get in touch with you. Or you can call us on +971-4-3583311 or our 24/7 customer care support at 055-7130040. You may also send us an email on contact@iberrycare.com or ping us on our social media profiles- Twitter & Facebook. >
On average, it will take around 30 minutes to fix your phone and 48 hours to fix your tablet/laptop.

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