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iPhone 11 Repair Dubai & UAE

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes out September 20, 2019 alongside his brother iPhone 11 Pro, identical to the smaller size. It takes the torch of high-end worn until then by iPhone XS and XS Max. He thus resumes the same appearance as his elder XS Max released the previous year. It features a beautiful 6.5 “borderless OLED screen with a notch to make room for the front camera and the internal speaker. It is on the back side that the difference is more fragrant. In addition to the more matte appearance from the rear window and the now central Apple logo to indicate the optimal location of the wireless charge, it includes a triple photo sensor 3 triangular sensors, like 3 separate eyes within a square that stands out slightly from the front back, including the flash, an aesthetic choice and a gamble that Apple has made here, tastes and colors.

Its triple photo sensor of 3 x 12 Mpx makes it possible to obtain an ultra wide angle and a telephoto lens. The TrueDepth front camera is also boosted to 12MP to further enhance Selfies and FaceTime discussions. Of course, it has Face ID technology in the absence of a home button and the Touch ID permanently buried.

  • Screen Replacement:

If your iPhone screen is broken or the touch screen is not working then the iPhone display assembly might need a replacement.

  • Battery Replacement:

If your iPhone isn’t holding charge or if the battery is draining fast then your iPhone battery might need to be replaced.

  • Charging Issues:

If your iPhone is not charging then the charging port of your iPhone might need replacement.

  • Water Damages:

If you dropped your iPhone in water then depending on the extent of the damage we can bring it back to life.

  • Microphone Not Working:

If your caller is not able to hear you then the microphone must be replaced.

  • Heating Issues:

If your iPhone is overheating then it must be diagnosed for issues with the logic board or the battery.

  • iPhone is Locked:

If your iPhone is disabled after trying the password many times then we can restore the iPhone to factory settings.

  • iPhone Not Turning On:

Depending on the diagnosis, the iPhone battery or display might need to be repaired or replaced.

There could be other issues with the iPhone, such as:

  • Home button not working
  • Front camera damaged or not working
  • WiFi & Bluetooth is not working
  • Unable to hear sound on your ear pods
  • Mute button not responding
  • Volume button not working
  • Power button not responding
  • Back Panel damaged or needs replacement
  • Loudspeaker not working

In such instances, the iPhone will need to be diagnosed first to understand the nature of the issue before proceeding. It’s also possible for the entire device to be replaced at a special price. Tariffs may vary depending on warranty & nature of the issue. Please do visit your nearest service centre to get your iPhone diagnosed.

The iPhone 11 is quite a large phone and the metal casing is also quite slippery, so it’s easy to drop it and damage it. If the unthinkable does happen to you and your screen gets damaged at all, do not worry! We at Iberry can help! The display panel of the iPhone 11 consists of three different parts; the glass panel, digitiser and LCD screen. They are unfortunately all bonded together, meaning that if one of the parts gets damaged we’ll need to replace all of them.

While replacing the screen of your iPhone 11 we will take the phone apart and replace all of these parts with new, high quality ones. The whole process will only take us 30 minutes and your iPhone will be looking brand new when we are finished.

You can also choose whether to have the screen replaced in white or black. All of the parts we use are a high quality, all with a lifetime performance warranty. We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repairs come with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across the UAE.