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iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 pro max Repair Services

With a new display, larger battery and better camera hardware and software, the iPhone 14 pro max is the new benchmark for flagship phones. Its few specifications are as below:

Released 2022, September 16
240g, 7.9mm thickness
iOS 16, up to iOS 16.5
128GB/256GB/1TB storage, no card slot

The Iberry technical team remains at your disposal in case of questions about your iPhone 14 pro max repair. We also offer free pick and drop services within the City limits of Dubai.

Service Options:

iPhone 14 pro max Water Liquid Damage Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Diagnosis
iPhone 14 pro max Battery Replacement
iPhone 14 pro max Charging Dock
iPhone 14 pro max Sound/Ringer/Volume Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Power/Home/Mute Button Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Headphone Jack Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Back Rear Glass Replacement
iPhone 14 pro max Rear Camera Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Front Camera Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Cracked/Damaged Screen
iPhone 14 pro max Face id Repair
iPhone 14 pro max Data Recovery
iPhone 14 pro max Component Board Level Service
iPhone 14 pro max Broken Screen

The most common reason for cracked or broken displays on cell phones is dropping, hitting, or being in an unbalanced position. Modern smartphone screens are made of glass that can withstand some kinds of abuse, but only to a certain extent. The touch screen will still be destroyed by a strong shock in a matter of seconds. We are available to handle all of these problems within a few hours even on the same day.

When a cell phone screen occasionally activates on its own, it’s a sign of ghost touch. When water gets inside your cell phone, it can corrode internal components and eventually harm the screen if you don’t remove it right once. The shattered screen is also significantly harmed by dust, which collects in the careers and impairs their functionality. To prevent future harm, these screen defects must be fixed as soon as feasible.

Visit our service center to get solutions for all of your device’s problems. We offer inexpensive screen replacement for the Apple iPhone 14 pro max model. We offer trustworthy and dependable services while taking into account the importance of your device.

Change the iPhone battery.

The standard iPhone 14 pro max’s battery life increased significantly from the iPhone 12’s 8:25 to 10 hours and 33 minutes. In spite of having bigger or comparable-sized batteries, several rivals in our evaluation are less effective and provide less autonomy. It’s true; you use your gorgeous device every hour of every day to play games, text, or make calls. It stops functioning, and you are unable to use it. The amount of pressure you apply to your device will determine how much battery life is left. Everything depends on your usage habits. However, don’t freak out! All power problems are resolved by our knowledgeable specialists, who also charge a cheap iPhone 14 pro max battery. Never ask for more money. Lastly! After working in Dubai for more than a decade, we have established names.

Service to repair water damage to an iPhone 14 pro max

In order to offer your valued friend the best chance of recovery, be sure you are organized and aware of how to handle iPhone water damage in case the worst happens. At the Iberry service center, water damage restoration is feasible and reasonably priced. We are pleased to share that we have received excellent comments from thousands of satisfied clients.

qualified technicians

three-month guarantee

Keep your phone private.

Repairing water damage in one hour without wasting any time

the utilization of OEM components

The cost-effectiveness of water damage restoration

Pickup and delivery services at your door

utilizing real and original components

Using pristine fine instruments

vigilantly observes every service

iPhone Camera Replacement/Repair

If the cameras on your iPhone malfunction or are damaged accidentally, don’t panic. If the picture quality begins to decline, it is time to call us. Iberry fixes all the problems that are impairing the functionality of your iPhone cameras. Once we’ve fixed your device, you can start taking pictures all over again.

Headphone or Charging Jack

Your iPhone’s charging port might not be working for a variety of reasons. The utility of your Apple iPhone may be significantly reduced for several of these causes. Even the most complicated software and hardware problems can be resolved by our iPhone repair specialists, including issues as simple as a blocked or dirty charging port. Your iPhone will be powered on quickly.

Sound Problems

The most frequent irritation with an iPhone is sound-related issues. If you let our iPhone repair specialists handle your device, they are simple to solve. We promptly and precisely pinpoint the cause of your iPhone sound system’s malfunction at our repair facility. Your iPhone can be repaired by our professionals to restore its original clarity of sound.

iPhone Fixes for Lag

Whether it’s a very slow iPhone, iPad, or tablet, whichever brand or model, we will fix the problem in no time and you don’t have to worry about your data getting lost. Iberry has skilled technicians with years of experience in phone repair.

The top iPhone repair service in Dubai

No iPhone is impervious to damage, and when one does break, it may destroy our day and our attitude. However, we advise you to phone us rather than pouting about the broken item. We provide a large selection of genuine Apple tools and components. These are used by our highly skilled iPhone repair specialists to efficiently resolve a variety of issues, and they manage repairs for all iPhone models. When it comes to fixing your iPhone, you can rely on Iberry. We can fix your water-damaged device, fix your camera, fix your sound, fix your defective charger, fix your broken iPhone screen, and replace or repair any other iPhone parts. We offer the greatest iPhone repair service in the UAE and are the safest, most trustworthy option.

Our technicians are aware of how much you appreciate your iPhone and how challenging it may be to function without a phone. As a result, they frequently finish repairs shortly after receiving your gadget. You can get your iPhone back the same day and in pristine shape without having to pay any additional fees. Simply give us a call or visit our iPhone repair shop in Dubai with your broken device. Before the day is out, we want to make sure you can use your iPhone.

Contact our customer service department, provide them with the address of your website, and they will fix your iPhone and get it back to you safely.