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Advantages of iberrycare

  • Original Parts for your Device repair : OEM manufacturer that makes the parts
  • Life Time Warranty provider for iPhone iPod and iPad LCD and Touch Screen
  • Guarantee for Mobile Phones and Tablet repairs
  • Well Qualified and Professional Technicians
  • No charges on Analysis and Opinions
  • Devices will be completely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Quick and Fast Turnaround time for Repair
  • Service prices are much lower than any other service centre
  • Free Pickup and delivery at your FootStep

Fix your iPhone 6s while you wait. LCD Replacement within 20 Minutes. Fast.Reliable.Guaranteed – Quick Service @Best Price. We offer a fantastic service and price on any iPhone repair you can think of – even a broken iPhone screen. Whether your iPhone has suffered from water damage, needs a replacement microphone or even needs a ‘full service or diagnosis. We offer a guarantee on all of our repairs and our service is rapid too, with many iPhone repairs being Whether your iPhone has suffered carried out in 3 hours of us receiving it! And don’t worry, we treat every iPhone as if it’s our own, so it’s in completely safe hands..

Did your iPhone fall and as a result your screen cracked or shattered? Broken glass screen Are the top glass & display shattered? Or maybe the digitizer is bad & touch sensitivity is low? It could even be the LCD screen is all white, has colored lines, flickering or bleeding? It’s may stop responding to your touch. Shattered glass can cut your skin and be a hazard.

Get Best iPhone Repair in Dubai, UAE.

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Working Hours: Saturday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Smartphones have revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. Over the last few years, the services provided by these devices have become more complex. Apple is leading the smartphone market ever since they launched the iPhone, that is regarded as the benchmark in quality by most cellphone users around the world. But even this perfect product is susceptible to get damaged with rough use.

“Is there an iPhone repair in Dubai, UAE that can provide on-site repair at your convenience?”, look no further, you have come to the right place. iBerry Care is a leading and best iPhone service center that can fix your device anywhere in Dubai in no time. We provide you with a lifetime warranty because we use OEM parts only including iPhone screen replacement. All our repair techies are extensively trained and certified in fixing your devices. We are quite serious about offering the best quality services to our customers so that they highly pleased with our repair services.

There’s another option- you may come to our best iPhone service centers at Al Shraifi Centre and Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai, UAE. Our centre for iPhone Repair in Dubai, UAE is dedicated to fixing any iPhone, any problem, anywhere. We offer a prompt Apple support for all iPhone repair in Dubai similar to the manufacturer’s store but at reasonable prices.

Some of the most common iPhone problems include:

  • Battery problem
  • iPhone screen damage
  • Microphone/speaker problem
  • Liquid damage
  • iPhone camera damage

Advantages of iPhone Repair in Dubai

  • Use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for device repair
  • Provides a Lifetime Warranty for Apple iPhone devices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on mobile phones repairs
  • Well-Qualified, Trained and Professional Technicians
  • No Charges for Device Analysis and Opinions
  • Quick and Fast Turnaround time for iPhone Repair
  • iPhones will be entirely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Service prices are Affordable than any other repair service center
  • Free Pickup and Delivery at Your Doorstep

iPhone Repair Service Center, Dubai

iBerry Care is the best iPhone Service Center that offers affordable cost iPhone repair in Dubai.

Some of the iPhone repair services include:

iPhone Battery Replacement

Are you having battery issues with your iPhone? Is your iPhone battery not working, overheating or not switching on/off?

Another common problem on the iPhone is battery problems. It doesn’t matter how equipped we are with the latest technology to repair your iPhone. At the best iPhone service center, the iPhone battery replacement in Dubai is done on-site at a reasonable price compared to the Apple service center in Dubai, UAE.

iPhone Screen Replacement or Repair

The most common type of problem is iPhone screen damage. At iBerry Care, we provide an iPhone replacement or repair on-site. Our certified techies perform all the iPhone screen replacements or repairs. We can repair your iPhone glass, change your iPhone display or deliver a cracked iPhone screen replacement at your doorstep.

Fill out the form, and we’ll get in touch with you or call us at +971-4-3583311, and we shall arrange help as soon as possible. iPhone screen replacement comes with two years warranty. So that you need not worry about the iPhone screen replacement cost for the next couple of years!

iPhone Camera Repair and Replacement

We all love clicking photos on our smartphones, but when your iPhone camera is not working, it is quite unsetting. We can repair all your iPhone camera problems including the iPhone back camera and front camera issues, iPhone camera crack or a lens replacement. We provide iPhone camera repair at your doorstep, or you can choose to get our services at our centers.

iPhone Touch Not Working

You keep pressing your iPhone, but the touch is not responsive. Our technicians at iBerry Care are certified and well-equipped with the latest technology to help you out with this problem. Get in touch with us to get help at your doorstep or come up to our best iPhone service center in Dubai, UAE.

iPhone Liquid Damage

Your iPhone is susceptible to liquid damage not only by getting dropped in pools or toilets but also while playing golf, at the gym or while hiking. It takes only a single drop to wreak havoc inside an iPhone. Though every iPhone since iPhone 7 has been advertised as water-resistant, this shouldn’t be confused with it being waterproof. At the best iPhone service center in Dubai, we ensure to fix your iPhone liquid damage by sending a certified technician at your doorstep.

iPhone Microphone Not Working

Do you find yourself talking into your mic and the other person cannot hear you? The problem could be with your iPhone microphone, which will probably need a replacement. We can replace your iPhone mic quickly and effectively anywhere in Dubai. Reach the best iPhone service center with your problem, and our certified techies will come to your rescue for your iPhone microphone problems by providing the best apple repair services in Dubai, UAE.

We will send our technician to your place and fix the screen in under 20 minutes.

All screen repair comes with Two Years Warranty.

* We use only OEM from Apple for iPhone screen replacement

** Diagnosis of your Apple iPhone should be complete to give you an estimate on final price

Where to get quality iPhone repair in Dubai quickly?

There’s no need to fret if you drop your iPhone on a hard surface causing the screen to break or if it stops working suddenly. Do not try to repair this device at home. Instead, the best way to go is to seek professional help from the best iPhone repair in Dubai. iBerry Care is the most trusted and best iPhone service center in Dubai that has qualified experts with extensive training and experience in this field. When you choose to get your iPhone repair in Dubai with iBerry Care, rest assured to get high-quality and reliable iPhone repair services.

Our professional techies who work six days a week help with the following:

  • replace the display, screen and sensor
  • back camera replacement
  • back cover replacement
  • perform the preventive and service maintenance
  • provide the consultation

We offer a warranty for all iPhone repair services in Dubai.

How we perform iPhone repair works in our service center?

Our highly skilled team of certified technicians offer the diagnostics, iPhone cleaning, urgent iPhone repair in Dubai and also free consultation on issues of interest as soon as possible. We also have a lifetime warranty policy that you can avail at any of our centers to get your iPhone repair in Dubai. At best iPhone service center, we follow a standard maintenance process of an iPhone that consists of the following stages:

  • We provide a free pickup and delivery services to your home, office or anywhere for all types of iPhone screen replacement. It will take a maximum of 20 minutes to perform iPhone screen replacement.
  • You are most welcome to visit our centers to get your iPhone repair in Dubai and document an invoice that is a device maintenance contract.
  • Our service engineers will perform the diagnostics, and the manager will call and inform you of the final price and terms.
  • Our technicians will start the repair work only if you agree to the terms of iBerry Care.
  • After completion of the maintenance, you’ll receive a message that your device is ready.
  • You have to pay only after the completion of the repair service, and you are pleased with your device’s working condition.
  • We will then offer a warranty card for your device, and a sales check.

Why Choose iBerry Care?

If you are searching for an iPhone repair in Dubai, then iBerry Care will cater to all your needs. Our service center has highly qualified technicians offering a wide range of iPhone repair in Dubai at an affordable cost, uses OEM parts to replace the parts of your device and provide a warranty. Contact us to get high-quality iPhone repair in Dubai at the most affordable prices.

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