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Experiencing any issues with your Laptop? Contact IBerryCare
Experts at IBerryCare resolve the issues with your laptop for free. You don’t need to pay if you didn’t get the issue solved. Repair any of your broken Laptop and fix it from one of the best companies. In fact, we offer same-day computer repair in 95% of situations and with a reasonable price. Moreover, we provide free pickup and delivery at your footstep. We don’t ask for any additional callout charges.
Our Services
1. Screen Repair / Replacement – SMASHED, CRACKED OR DAMAGED SCREEN can make a laptop unusable and make you suffer from work. We fix all major brands Laptop Screen and providing one year Warranty on the Screen. Apart from fixing the laptop screen, we fix Front Glass, Touch Screen, and LCD the same day and deliver back in a new condition.

2. Battery Repair / Replacement – If your laptop battery fails or no longer holds a sufficient charge, then it is the right time to replace the battery. We are so confident about the quality of the Laptop Battery that we provide to the customer with a warranty. Within same day fix and delivery back to you in a unique condition.

3. Keyboard Repair / Replacement – If your laptop keys get stuck or not responding or keyboard not working due to physical or liquid damage. IBerryCare professionals are available in Dubai to fix your keyboard issue in the very first call.

4. RAM Upgrade/ Hard Disk Upgrade – If you are thinking to upgrade the speed or need memory upgrades for your laptop, we will provide the best solution at the reasonable price.


5. Liquid Damage – A water spill, soft drinks or alcohol can seriously mess up a laptop and can do much worse. Work quickly and turn it off, unplug external devices and use a lint-free paper towel or material to wipe up excess liquid, at last, remove the battery and tilt the laptop.

6. Backup or Data Recovery – We will help you to recover your data and backup of files. We understand how important is the data for the customers and we recover data from any type of loss.



  • Quality repair services with professional technicians.
  • All major issues of laptop brands are 95% solved and fixed
  • All out laptop repairs include a 12-month guarantee covering the repaired fault.
  • Free pickup and delivery to your footstep in Dubai
  • Same day solution of issues
  • Quick service with the best price
  • Most trusted technical team, safe and Confidential Data will maintain.

Laptop Repair in Dubai, UAE

Is your laptop not working the way you want it? Are you looking for a reliable computer and laptop repair services in Dubai? Your search ends with us.

  • We offer laptop repair at a budget-friendly rate.
  • We provide durable laptop repair service for all the models.
  • We offer laptop repair with free pickup and delivery at your doorstep.
  • We do all types of laptop repair with the warranty.
  • We offer high-quality laptop repair services with 100% satisfaction.

We provide world-class services for computer and laptop repair in Dubai and all over the UAE. No matter what the problem is, our qualified laptop repair tech geeks can resolve it.

Whether your laptop has problems with the display screen, charging port, battery drainage, connectivity issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices, cannot detect SD card – get it repaired at affordable prices from iberrycare.

We have helped thousands of customers with their computer and laptop problems, and we’re ready to help you too! We make your computer and laptop run as good as new in no time!

Laptop Repair Service Center in Dubai: Get 100% Reliable Laptop Repair at an affordable rate

Nothing is more frustrating than the laptop not working when you need it most. A laptop may have a hard exterior, but underneath it is a sophisticated little soul. That’s why you need the best and right technicians to meet all your laptop repair needs.

Our technicians understand the mechanisms and complexities in the computer and laptop of different types. From drops and cracks to complete motherboard failure, technicians at iberrycare can fix the faults of computer and laptop. You’ll be saving money, time and efforts with our efficient laptop repair services.

Every month we repair hundreds of different computers and laptops. We offer repair services for laptop models of all popular and lesser-known brands. Our technicians are capable of identifying and fixing the issues you’re experiencing with your computer and laptop. We provide end to end and cost-effective solutions to help you get rid of your problems without any hassle.

Bring us Laptop for Repair; We Know how to fix!

Our Services

We provide all types of laptop Repair

  • Laptop Screen Repair / Replacement
  • Laptop Battery Repair / Replacement
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair/ Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Hardware & Software Upgrades
  • DC Power Jack Replacement
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Virus Removal

Advantages of Laptop repair with iberrycare

  1. Save Money 

We’re the best laptop repair service center that will cost you less than going to the actual store of the brand for laptop repair services. You can get your laptop repaired at an affordable price with us.

  1. Save Time

Sending your laptop for repair to official service centers can take months to get it done. We’re the leading laptop repair service center that understands the need for fixing the problem on time. We provide a faster and more feasible solution for laptop issues. You’ll not waste months to get your laptop repaired. We can fix your laptop in just a few days, or sometimes it may take only a few hours to repair your laptop.

  1. Get Repair Warranty 

We even provide a guarantee for our repair services. All our laptop repairs come with 1-year warranty within which if something goes wrong, we’re happy to repair your laptop or replace parts and services free of cost.

  1. Free Pick Up & Delivery

We offer free pickup and delivery service at your doorstep. It means we come to pick your laptop, take it to our center, repair it and deliver it to you. You can, of course, bring your laptop to us for repair if that is more convenient for you.


How we perform Laptop repair works

We offer a timely response to any query and repair them with guaranteed service.

Four simple steps to get your Laptop repaired.

Process 1: Tell Us What’s Broken

Whether it is a complex issue or a simple one, tell us what you want to repair. We provide all types of repairs.

Process 2: Doorstep Pick-Up

Our technician will come to pick your laptop at your doorstep, or you can drop the device at our repair center if that is more convenient for you.

Process 3: Run Diagnosis 

Our technician will run a diagnosis on your device to let you know the condition, cost of fixing problems and time duration.

Why choose iberrycare for laptop repair?

We understand the importance of laptop in people lives. When you’ re dealing with laptop issues, you can’t get the most out of your device. From hardware repair to a software issue or anything in between, our technicians are capable of resolving any issue.

When you choose iberrycare to get laptop repair services, you can rest assured the work will be done precisely, quickly, and at no risk to your laptop.

  • Passion for fixing your favourite devices

From drops and cracks to complete motherboard failure, we have a 360-degree approach towards your repairing problems. We’re passionate about our work and the passion for fixing your favourite devices makes us the most reliable laptop repair service center in Dubai.

  • Years of experience 

From fixing cracked screens to broken charge ports, our technicians have both experience and expertise to resolve all kinds of laptop repair issues. We provide fast and guaranteed laptop repair services for all brands and all types of laptop issues to the customers at a competitive price.

  • Care about customers and their devices

We put our customers above anything else. We understand when your devices are broken or damaged, you’ll need a fast repair service. We receive our satisfaction from helping our customers who are dependent on devices to stay connected with the world.

  • One-Stop Repair Center

We’re the one-stop repair center for all your laptop problems. Anything related to the laptop like screen, keyboard, battery, adapter and the hard disk has stopped functioning. We’re here to solve it. The good thing is that we only charge for the work we do; never charge for an unrepaired laptop. It means we offer laptop checkup & diagnose for free.

Bring your device to our laptop repair service center or use our convenient mail-in service. We’ll provide you with a detailed quote and make the repairs fast at an affordable rate. There is a no better choice for laptop repair than iberrycare.

We provide commercial laptop repair in Dubai to all organizations, residential places, and individual homes. All you have to do is to let us know the problem you’re facing, and we will resolve it. We provide the best solution for commercial laptop repair to meet the ever-changing demands for our clientele.


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