Samsung Repair

Advantages of iberrycare

  • Original Parts for your Device repair : OEM manufacturer that makes the parts
  • Life Time Warranty provider for iPhone iPod and iPad LCD and Touch Screen
  • Guarantee for Mobile Phones and Tablet repairs
  • Well Qualified and Professional Technicians
  • No charges on Analysis and Opinions
  • Devices will be completely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Quick and Fast Turnaround time for Repair
  • Service prices are much lower than any other service centre
  • Free Pickup and delivery at your FootStep

When our concern received the device, the device and customer details will entered into the system and forward to our technical service team. It doesn’t take days and days to figure out what’s causing the defect in your device. Maybe for an amateur, but our team has loads of experience and can usually get your repair finished within 24 hours. We use Genuine Parts and with Competitive prices.

Samsung Repairs

We are proud of our pricing Lowest overall cost. Highest quality replacement OEM parts.100% satisfied customers

LCD or SCREEN REPLACEMENTSmashed Glass, Broken LCD, Touch Not RespondingFix it within 25 minutesLifetime WarrantyCall Us
BACK COVERCrack the glass on the back of your iPhone?Fix it within 20 minutesDepends upon UsageCall Us
POWER BUTTONNot Responding OR Not Powering ONFix it within 30 minutes90 Days WarrantyCall Us
TRACK PADTrackpad or Cursors not respondingFix it within 30 minutes120 Days WarrantyCall Us
FRONT OR BACK CAMERAPhotos look fuzzy or unclear. Lens is scratched or cracked. Poor picture quality.Fix it within 45 minutes120 Days WarrantyCall Us
VOLUME / MUTE KEYSCan’t Control the Volume, Button not workingFix it within 30 minutes90 Days WarrantyCall Us
BATTERYBattery Not Holding Charge / Not Powering UpFix it within 35 minutes120 Days WarrantyCall Us
SPEAKER OR MICCaller Can’t Hear You / Can’t Hear Caller / Sound ProblemFix it within 45 minutes100 Days WarrantyCall Us
DOCK CONNECTORNot Charging / Doesn’t SyncFix it within 55 minutes120 Days WarrantyCall Us
HOME BUTTONNo Response or INOPERABLEFix it within 35 minutes90 Days WarrantyCall Us

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